FreedomPop Hub Burst now available for $89, offers 1GB/month for free

Back in December, we told you about the new Hub Burst wireless router from FreedomPop, which costs $89 up front, but it gives you 1GB of data per month for free, with $10/month getting you 10GB. The router is available now, and it's meant to support a household of usage, but as long as you're not streaming movies if you want to keep the free plan.

Sadly, though, FreedomPop only uses WiMAX and the service is limited to just a handful of regions in the US. While the company plans to switch to LTE at some point in the future, availability still may be scarce, but we wouldn't be surprised if FreedomPop eventually spread the service to most users in the country.

While $10 per month for 10GB of data seems like a steal, some users may just not want to pony up any money at all, but the 1GB of data per month is a rather low amount, especially if you're using it in a house full of kids. However, as always, FreedomPop offers the opportunity to earn more data by completing different tasks, like adding friends and completing partner promotions.

FreedomPop claims that their $10/month plan is 80% cheaper than your typical DSL or cable offering, but at this point, nothing can really beat the reliability of a solid home wired network can't quite beat wireless service at this point. However, once LTE rolls around in more areas, FreedomPop may actually become a viable option, but we'll have to wait and see.