Freedom Wars gameplay: PS Vita's savior is limited to Japan

The game called "Freedom Wars" isn't one you're going to find at your local used game shop any time soon. It's being developed and pushed by Sony Computer Entertainment's JAPAN Studio, Shift, and Dimps, and it's got mecha-dragons. Many, many mecha-dragons.

Two trailers have been released over the weekend, the first looking a lot more like a PlayStation 3 title than it does one for PlayStation Vita. This trailer should act to get you pumped up in the face of this game being released in the near future – it'll then let you down by silently suggesting the title will only be released in and around Japan.* *At first.

Next you'll be shown a series of weapons from the game. This is more of a proof-of-concept than a gameplay demo – though you will be able to practice like this in the game, if you wish. We'd be checking out the chainsaw without a doubt.

This game has currently set a release date for the 26th of June, 2014, for Japan. Taiwan has a "Summer 2014" release date, while both the European and North American release dates are not solidified.

While we'll be holding out hope that the North American release will be announced soon, there's no solid date in place.

UPDATE: it would appear that the game will, indeed be coming to the United States, after all. Below you'll see the first "in PS Vita trailer" for the game in its North American iteration.

This game still has no release date in the USA, sadly, but it does look like "inside 2014" is on the table. Stay tuned as we attain more details!