Free Mini DisplayPort licences from Apple for accessory developers

After frustrating no small number of new MacBook buyers with the switch to Mini DisplayPort from DVI, Apple have announced that they will be offering no-fee licences to any accessory or peripheral manufacturer wanted to develop hardware using the connection.  While the connection offers obvious benefits to Apple – smaller size, thus occupying less MacBook chassis space, plus compatibility with HDCP copy protection as demanded by iTunes content owners - it's a rare sight in third-party monitors.

The licence will cover any cables, plugs or devices using the connection.  It's likely that monitors will be the first items to be developed, but adapters for existing display technology and even graphics cards for those wanting to use the latest Apple Cinema Display are probably next.

As an aside, Apple have begun shipping the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter cables, and while the company has been heavily promoting the eco-credentials of their computers, someone in the accessory department obviously didn't get the memo.  James Kendrick flags up the shipping box – bigger than a MacBook box – that his single five-inch cable was delivered in.

[via Ars Technica]