Frank Zhao Creates "Flat" USB Business Card

Inside each of these business cards is a ATtiny85 microcontroller which, upon insertion into a computer and detecting the CAPS-LOCK has been pressed three times, types out a pre-selected set of text into whatever text program is open. To make the ATtiny85 into a USB keyboard, V-USB is used. Sort of more fragile than your everyday business card, but infinitely cooler.

The circuit used to attain this piece of magic consists of the following: 3 resistors, 1 capacitor, 2 Zener diodes, 1 ATtiny85. Simple for some, complete gibberish to others. Take a look at the full instructions and downloads and all that good stuff over at Circle of Current if you'd like to build one or give Frank a high five. Or feel free to give him a high five here, too! High fives for everyone!

[Via Circle of Current]