Foxit eSlick Reader e-ink video demo at Computex

Foxit brought their eSlick Reader along to Computex last week, and they're still positioning it as a more flexible, cheaper alternative to the Amazon Kindle 2.  Priced at $259.99, the 6-inch ebook reader lacks wireless connectivity but, as jkkmobile's hands-on video shows, it's a compact and highly-portable device.Video hands-on after the cut

The 6-inch panel is supplied by E Ink using their Viziplex technology, which basically makes it the same as the display on the Amazon Kindle 2.  Along with that, you get native support for PDF and TXT files, and Foxit include a copy of their own PDF creator software so that making your own files is straightforward.

An SD card slot takes cards up to 4GB, augmenting the eSlick Reader's 128MB of internal memory.  If you're addicted to buying books through Amazon and want to be able to download new titles on the move, this isn't the ebook reader for you, but if you're more concerned with the impact on your wallet and creating your own documents then the Foxit reader may hold some appeal.