Foxconn suicide prompts "exorcist" visit claims Chinese paper

Another Foxconn employee has committed suicide, Chinese papers are reporting, though the fatality is believed to be unlinked to any prototype leaks.  According to DigiTimes, the suicide was that of a female employee at the Shenzhen factory and was prompted by personal issues; however, they also claim that Terry Guo, chairman of the Foxconn Group, is bringing in an exorcist "in an attempt to put an end to the recent run of negative incidents at the plant."  However, according to The Times, the company are in fact using "monks from Wutai Mountain, one of the most sacred Buddhist shrines, to pray for a positive working environment."

Foxconn's press office told Chinese-language paper China Times that "the victims' families asked us to bless the dead and release their souls from suffering, and we will do everything we can to prevent such accidents in the future."  The company's spokespeople insist they are "dedicated to the welfare" of the people they employee.

The fatality is the eighth suicide at the factory within the last three months.  Foxconn were thrust into the limelight midway through last year, when an engineer committed suicide after losing an Apple iPhone prototype and, allegedly, being mistreated by Foxconn security staff.  Foxconn are believed to be responsible for producing Apple's fourth-generation iPhone HD.