Foxconn rumored to be on hiring spree for iPhone 5S production

Rumors of the iPhone 5S have been pouring in lately, so it's no surprise that we're now hearing reports that Foxconn is beginning to ramp up production on the iPhone 5S and is beginning to hire more workers to take on the increase in production. The Zhengzhou factory in China, specifically saw in increase in workers, with recruiting beginning back in February.

According to Bloomberg, the extra workers will assemble the iPhone 5S, as well as existing models, like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The move to increase production and hire more workers comes after the authorization from Apple to do so. The Zhengzhou factory alone employs between 250,000 to 300,000 workers.

It's said that Foxconn has hired around 10,000 assembly-line workers per week since the end of last month, according to the Wall Street Journal, who also claims that their own sources report that Foxconn has ramped up production. Both Foxconn and Apple have declined to comment on the situation, only saying that the companies will increase employment to meet seasonal demands.

Recent rumors have noted that the iPhone 5S will officially enter production at some point during Q2 this year, with the launch of the new phone to take place at some point later this year, perhaps as early as June. However, other reports mention another fall release for the iPhone 5S, with a lower-cost iPhone to follow.

[via Bloomberg]