Four new Grand Theft Auto V trailers focus on character angles

This week the folks at Rockstar Games have pushed four new videos for the upcoming multi-platform game release for Grand Theft Auto V. One of the videos takes an all-in-one approach, making a combined effort to show each of the hero characters for the game: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Each of these characters will be playable by the user in the game as it's released in the near future – this sort of playability shows Rockstar's understanding of the gamer in our modern gaming market today: they like choices!

With the first and all-encompassing trailer, Rockstar makes use of YouTube's ability to jump back and forth through videos and to and from the other three videos so that the viewer will be able to pick and choose their experience before the game is released to the market. The option is also given to watch the three videos all the way through – this one long video is also a combination of the three videos, one on top of the other.

Needless to say, these videos are all NSFW – Not Safe For Work in the least bit (depending where you work, of course).

The first of three presentations surrounds Michael, a fellow who has a family and a home life that's not especially fantastic. He's having a mid-life crisis and his wife has cheated on him. Also he's prone to destroying vehicles and massive amounts of violence. Of course. His experience is outlined by the song Radio Gaga as performed by Queen.

Franklin is up next, his storyline existing in the gang-banger universe, full of gunshots and police traps, trophy guard dogs and what very well may be some drug dealing. Franklin appears to be as dissatisfied with his life situation as Michael, only Franklin wants to get out of the violent world while Michael wants to get deeper.

Finally there's the character Trevor. He's a drug dealer who is a very, very bad man. He works with Michael and Frankin, it seems, and it would appear that his satisfaction with the world is based entirely on very bad things. The gamer can expect the cinematics for Trevor to be very NC-17, without a doubt.

The game Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to stores on September 17th, 2013, and will be available for multiple platforms. At the moment it would appear that the PlayStation 4 and next-generation Xbox will not be supported (at least at the outset), but may be in the future. Of course those consoles wont be out for a while anyway – no worries!