Fossil Q Motion is like a rebranded, redesigned Misfit Ray

October last year, fashion outfit Fossil revealed its first generation of wearable accessories, including an Android Wear Q Founder smartwatch. A month later, it acquired Misfit, a company that specializes in smart fitness wearables and software. Its intention was pretty clear. It needed Misfit's expertise in wearables to augment its own portfolio. Barely half a year later, Fossil is revealing its first wearable since that purchase, the Fossil Q Motion. Interestingly, it is a dead knocker for Misfit's own Ray, announced just last January.

Considering how few smart fitness bands in the market sport an almost barrel-like, cylindrical main body, it's hard not to draw parallels between the Ray and the new Q Motion. Especially since the two are, technically, under one company now anyway. It's not a bad association, at least not for Fossil. Like the Ray, the Q Motion is designed to be fashionable as well, despite a not so fashionable name.

The Q Motion sets itself apart from is other Fossil "Q" brethren with a new function: sleep tracking. While Fossil's first gen fitness trackers and smartwatch did track all other kinds of activities, Fossil probably didn't have the tech and know-how to implement sleep tracking. Misfit, fortunately, does and now we're seeing one of the first fruits of the acquisition. Or second, if you consider the design as the first. The wearable can have a "smart tap" function set to, for example, change tracks in a playlist or remotely trigger a smartphone camera shutter, a feature also seen in Misfit's wearables. How far Fossil will take Smart Tap, however, remains to be seen.

Fossil does put a few twists of its own, of course. For example, the Q Motion supposedly can be worn as a pendant as well, though confirmation of that is still coming.

The Fossil Q Motion promises a battery that lasts 6 months and a water resistance of up to 50 meters. Coming in summer, it will cost $95. Availability details, including color options, have yet to be disclosed.