Fossil Meta Watch delayed again

We have talked on a few occasions about the Fossil Meta Watch and it was expected to ship back in May. The watch never shipped and now the Meta Watch has been hit with another delay. Fossil has announced that the watch has had a "few production related hiccups." The watch is going to come in a full digital version and a version with analog and digital elements. Fossil has at least offered up details on what is holding the watch up.

It claims that there was an issue with the watch programming chip that caused intermittent issues with USB connections. The programming clip is the part that connected the USB cable to the back of the case. The issue with the clip was severe enough that Fossil notes it had to take all the clips apart, re-flash them, test, and then reassemble.

The analog watch also had an issue with the quality on the black plating on the steel. Fossil reports that the watch was set to ship to Hong Kong on August 31 and those will now be shipped on September 2. An exact ship date for the US is unknown, though it's interesting that the watches are shipping from TI in Texas to Hong Kong.