Fortnite's Rifts have been temporarily disabled

For the past couple of seasons, Epic has implemented interesting movement items to Fortnite. Last season, it was Hop Rocks, and this season, it's Rifts, which send you up into the sky and allow you to glide back down to the ground. Those Rifts are handy for a couple of reasons, as they can allow you to escape a losing confrontation or cover a lot of ground on the map if you need to catch up with the circle.

Unfortunately, despite how handy Rifts are, they've been temporarily disabled. Epic announced the change today on Fortnite's Twitter account, stating that there's a bug associated with them that needs fixing. It didn't say what that bug was or how long the fix would take, merely that it would update us once Rifts have been added back to the game.

The timing of this bug discovery is pretty bad, all things considered. Rifts were taken offline shortly before this weekend's Summer Skirmish series began in the EU, meaning that the teams participating lost an important mobility tool that they more than likely integrated into their practice. Those EU teams and the ones here in North America will have to adapt on the fly, though that's technically what Fortnite is all about.

Earlier this week, Epic added the Heavy Sniper to the game, but most of the Fortnite-related talk lately has been about the freshly-launched Android version. Fortnite fans have been waiting for a proper Android version ever since Fortnite mobile started rolling out earlier in the year, and after months of waiting, invites to the beta are finally beginning to roll out.

In any case, the hope is that Epic is able to bring Rifts back quickly, but at this point we don't know how long it'll be. We'll keep an ear to the ground for more on the situation, so stay tuned.