Fortnite will screen an entire Nolan movie this summer

Yesterday, Epic started showing the trailer for Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet within Fortnite. Those playing Party Royale mode can stop by the big screen at the top of every hour until 8 PM ET today to catch the trailer, but it turns out that Epic's team up with Nolan doesn't begin and end with this Tenet trailer. In fact, it apparently goes a whole lot deeper than a simple movie trailer.

As revealed by Geoff Keighley shortly after the Tenet trailer premiered, Fortnite will host a screening of an entire Christopher Nolan movie at some point this summer. Fortnite is no stranger to hosting in-game events with real world personalities, and we've even seen it dabble in film promotion from time to time, but this is the first time an entire movie will be shown to Fortnite players.

We don't know what Nolan movie will be shown to the Fortnite masses just yet, but we can certainly take an educated guess. While movies like Dunkirk, Interstellar, or Inception could all be candidates, one of the movies from Nolan's Batman trilogy is probably the most likely pick.

After all, we've seen Fortnite crossovers with DC Comics before, including a Batman crossover last year. That Batman crossover even included a skin based on Batman's look in Nolan's film The Dark Knight, so Batman is definitely one of the front runners when trying to determine which of Nolan's movies will get a screening in Fortnite.

We'll just have to wait on Epic for more information. We'll see the movie premiere sometime this summer, but beyond that we don't have a specific date. We'll let you know when Epic shares more, so stay tuned.