Fortnite update released: Predator, Jungle Hunter, one big alien skull!

The latest Fortnite update is ready to roll, including a new boss character, a new mythic item, new Jungle Hunter Quests, and IO Guards removed from the Arena. Overnight an issue appeared with searching for specific players through friends lists – if you're still experiencing that, make sure you're not "mass accepting" any friend requests in the interim. UPDATE: Fornite's creators suggest they've fixed the error this morning.

Downtime for Fortnite update version 15.21 started at 3AM Central Time on January 20, 2021. It was scheduled to last a couple of hours, and should be done by the time you read this update to this article. A list of Known Issues can be found on the Trello board for this update now.

This update required the temporary removal of Sand Tunneling for Battle Royale. Creative billboards that use channels to activate or hide text are "not functioning properly" as of this morning. UPDATE: These issues have apparently been fixed on January 20, 2021, with version 15.21.

As you read this text, the Fortnite update 15.21 should be live for you, regardless of platform. That includes PlayStation, Xbox, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Users will find a new Predator skin in the game along with some epic connections to the Predator universe.

You'll find a new Hunter's Trophy (a massive disgusting skull!) backbling, a new Bio-helmet emote, and some fantastic Yautja Wristblades! Time to chop some heads!

You'll see a new Trinity Impact, Trinity Overload, and a lovely new "PUNT!" THis update also brings about FNCS 2:5, Champion Series CH2-S5, live in-effect.

UPDATE 2: See the Predator above! This is the most cartoonish Predator you'll ever see, here for the enjoyment of all the killers on Epic Games' Fortnite right this minute.