Fortnite update adds Mando's Bounty and Mandalorian goodies

Today we're taking a peek at Mando's Bounty, the most strangely appealing update to Fortnite yet revealed. The trailer released today shows the game as it exists on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. This update was delivered for all platforms simultaneously – or as close to at-once as possible.

Fortnite rolled out with the limited-time mode made specifically for the most popular Star Wars property in a generation: The Mandalorian. This mode isn't all-inclusive – we're not going to get access to the full collection of characters in the show, only a couple. The Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin, will be hunting you right out the gate.

Drop in on the island's new "Kit's Cantina" to see the most Star Wars-centric piece of media in the game released thus far. Now, if only we could get someone to build a whole Star Wars games using this engine.

If you survive a Mando's Bounty mode match with a Victory Royale, you'll get a lovely new Mandalorian umbrella. This piece of equipment has the Mudhorn on it – even though this game currently has no Mudhorn as such.

Meanwhile, you'll have the opportunity to unlock the Star Wars outfit (the Mando suit) by reaching Level 1, Chapter 2, Season 5 Battle Pass. The basic Season 1 armor is delivered with the Battle Pass, the Beskar armor is unlocked with quests from Level 1 to 100, unlocking the Beskar quests! This might take a while...

Styles (once earned) include Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder (pauldrons), left and right thigh shielding, right and left bracers for your wrists, the torso breast plate, and the "clothing" that fits under the full set.

The Mando's Bounty mode in Fortnite will last until February 9, 2021. On that date, the Mando's Bounty mode will no longer exist starting at 9AM Eastern Time. Get all those plates and block all the bolts.