The Fancy New Fortnite Move You're Being Beaten With

We're tracking a new way to move in Fortnite that dominates the map – and chances are you've already happened across it without realizing. It's called Bunny Hopping by average everyday masters of the game, and it requires only that you have some really, really good timing. Or the sort of mouse that allows you to make your scroll wheel into a jump button – but that's only for PC players. Today we're gonna try to cover everyone at once.

The game's Bunny Hop is not an officially sanctioned move – and it's not yet illegal to do. With the Bunny Hop, users are able to traverse the map in Battle Royale with the greatest of ease. It's not an infinite move, so it won't allow you to get across the WHOLE map – but it's pretty gosh-darned powerful if you know what you're doing.

For a visual explanation of what's going on here, we turn to Marcos Gonzalez. On this YouTube channel Gonzales explains how the Bunny Hop came to be and with which items you're going to be able to execute. To take part in a Bunny Hop, you'll need one of several items.

Bunny Hop Items:

• Launch Pad

• Rune

• Shockwave Grenade

• Grappler

• Rocket Launcher (if you're on the wrong end)

• Bouncers (Corrupt Zones)

• Shadow Stones (KEVIN!)

You can use this Bunny Hop method on land – that's the most obvious place to use it – but you can also use it over water. You can also use the Bunny Hop in Shadow Form. If you use the Bunny Hop in Shadow Form, you'll be propelled an insane distance – a distance we fully expect to be nerfed in a future update.

Again, above you'll see the Bunny Hop in action. This way of getting around the map works best on a PC, but it CAN work on other platforms. You'll just need to get VERY good at timing your jumps. If you're early or you're late, your jump loses the vast majority of its momentum, and you'll have to start all over again.

This hopping action works right now from all angles – on all devices – but it might not be around forever. So have at it! Happy jumping!