Fortnite Switch controller plus original makes one full banana

If you're looking for the most wacky set of Joy-Con controllers for your Nintendo Switch, look no further. The folks at Epic Games created a Fortnite design for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller accessory set and it's nearly ready to be released. This set of game controllers is different from that of the original Nintendo Switch Fortnite special edition release – two different packages!

This pair of controllers has a PEGI 12 warning on it thanks to the game codes within. Because Fortnite is not recommended for children, any device that could potentially deliver a digital asset for said game includes a warning where applicable. Of course if you live in a region of the world where this warning system does not exist, you might not see said warning.

The new Fortnite Joy-Con controller set was announced with a release date of June 4, 2021. This release will include both a blue left Joy-Con and a yellow (BANANA!) right Joy-Con. The back of the blue controller has the Fortnite logo "F" on it, while the back of the banana controller has the "NANA NANA" mark.

These controllers will be delivered with a code for 500 V-Bucks as well as a download code for a few in-game cosmetic mods in the form of the FLEET FORCE BUNDLE. This should prove to be a relatively spot-on accessory pack for birthday gifts and such throughout the summer here in 2021.

NOTE: The original Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle works with a yellow controller and a blue controller, too, as well as a WILDCAT BUNDLE and 2000 V-Bucks. If you're going for a full yellow or full blue set of Joy-Con controllers, you'll want to buy both the Switch bundle and the new Joy-Con pair. The bundle has the yellow on the left, the new pair has the yellow on the right. That's just handy!