Fortnite Pleasant Park discovery hints at major POI change

It's all but guaranteed that Epic will add helicopters as the next vehicle in Fortnite, but that may not be the only major change that'll arrive. A player recently noticed a new marking in a hidden Pleasant Park location that indicates the Point of Interest will soon experience a major redesign. This change will likely involve the upcoming helicopters, making things more fun for everyone.READ: Fortnite's Grotto POI grew a skull and players may be responsible

There are several good reasons to believe that Fortnite will soon feature helicopters. In addition to a recent leak claiming as much, the vehicle appeared in the C2 Season 2 launch trailer and is featured in an official image on the game's website.

Helicopters are expected to feature 1500HP and they'll likely be able to transport full squads of people, though Epic hasn't officially unveiled them or revealed any details about the potential vehicle.

A new discovery recently shared on the FortniteBR subreddit involves the helicopters — namely, the hidden underground facility located underneath the park recently featured a helicopter landing pad symbol. Of course, it would be impossible for a helicopter to land or take off from that location at this time because it is covered by the soccer field.

As you can see from where maya is, she is standing on a helipad which is underground, underneath the pleasant park football/soccer pitch. When helicopters come out the pitch will open wide and allow for the helicopter underground to take off from r/FortNiteBR

This means the soccer field will likely either be removed when helicopters are added to the game or it will feature some sort of installation that enables the field to split in half and retract. Helicopters will be able to land in the hidden facility, then, potentially, the soccer field may close over it so that no one can tell the vehicle arrived.