Fortnite patch notes reveal Heavy AR, two new game modes

The patch notes for Fortnite's weekly update have landed, and they're rather substantial. Not only are we getting a new weapon this week, but we'll also be able to participate in two new limited-time game modes. There's a lot to get through, so let's dive into what's new.

The new weapon landing in Fortnite this week is the Heavy Assault Rifle. It'll drop in rare, epic, and legendary variants, which means that you'll be able to find it in chests, floor loot, vending machines, and supply drops. It deals 44/46/48 damage per shot depending on rarity, and with a 3.75 fire rare, you'll definitely be able to dish out some damage with this weapon.

The first limited-time game mode being added today is Team Terror. In this mode, two teams of 32 players will compete against one another, but there's a twist, as monster spawners that are scattered across the map will spawn Cube Monsters that both teams will have to fight. Those monsters will drop weapons and ammo when they're killed, and if you happen upon a gold monster, you'll get a legendary weapon for dispatching it.

In Team Terror, we'll see increase farming rates, and ammo drops have been increased across the board. Floor loot spawns have also been increased by 15%, so you shouldn't have a difficult time finding a weapon, even if it may not be a rare and powerful one. Still, that increase to floor loot spawns should allow you to get well enough equipped to fight the Cube Monsters and get some better weapons.

The second mode arriving in Fortnite today is called Blitz. This one is a little more straightforward than Team Terror, as it's simply a faster-paced battle royale mode. The storm circle will begin moving as soon as the match starts, and the time between storm movement has been significantly decreased, resulting in matches that will last only 15 minutes or less. Loot drops have been vastly increased, so you shouldn't have a problem finding chests, supply drops, or even llamas.

As far that this week's update is concerned, that's pretty much it aside from a few minor tweaks. Keep in mind that NFL outfits will also be going live in Fortnite on November 9, and you can read more about those in an article we published yesterday. To read all about the update, be sure to check out Epic's full patch notes, and head down to the comments section to tell us what you think of these new game modes!