Fortnite leak suggests big new map news is coming

The idea that Fortnite players are ready to move on from Season X isn't really a controversial one, and now it seems that Season 11 might have some big things in store. A new leak today is advertising something called "Fortnite Chapter 2," and while that suggests big changes on its own, the images accompanying this leak seem to point to an entirely new map.

It wouldn't be shocking to see a new map, as Fortnite's chief competitors in the battle royale space – Apex Legends and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds – have both implemented new maps since launching. In PUBG's case, we've even seen the roll out of multiple maps. Meanwhile, Fortnite has opted to stick with the same map, changing various places of interest from season to season.

As a result, people have new places to explore each season, but the general layout and structure of the map stays the same. That could all be changing next season if today's leak is to be believed. Apparently, a listing on the Italian iOS App Store has outed "Fortnite Chapter 2" and the supposed new map, as reported by Fortnite Insider. FireMonkey, a Fortnite leaker, stated that the Fortnite Chapter 2 image is indeed real in a post earlier today, lending a little more plausibility to the leak.

Though that image is a little a low-res for our tastes, there are a number of new things we can glean from it, as outlined by FireMonkey's tweet above. It looks like we'll be getting new default skins in the next season, just as it appears that boats will be added to the game as well. Then, of course, we have the suggestion of a new map, as the one depicted in the picture seems to be distinct from the one we've got in-game.

Obviously, take all of this with a hefty dose of salt. Nothing is set in stone until Epic makes its announcement, but if Season 11 is indeed making sweeping changes to the game, that could explain why Season X was extended at the last minute. We'll find out soon enough, so stay tuned for more.