Fortnite Season 11 delayed as Season X overtime challenges are announced

If you count yourself among the people who are ready for Fortnite Season X to finish up, you're unfortunately going to be waiting a little while longer. With the Fortnite patch notes that landed today, Epic revealed that Season X will last a week longer than originally anticipated. Of course, that means players will get to participate in overtime challenges while we wait for the new season to begin, potentially allowing them to unlock new cosmetics.

Epic hasn't revealed what the overtime challenges for Season X – officially called the Out of Time Overtime Mission – will entail, but it does say that the rewards will include XP, cosmetics, and a "commemorative loading screen." The fact that Season X has been extended by a week also means that players will have more time to complete their battle passes, so if you've been slacking on that front, you now have a little extra time to wrap things up.

Additionally, Epic says that the Batman Caped Crusader Pack and Gotham City will both be available in-game until the end of Season X. The Out of Time Mission will begin on Tuesday, October 8th at 9 AM ET and run until Sunday, October 13th at 2 PM ET, so we'll look forward for more information on that at the beginning of next week.

Aside from announcing this Season X extension, this week's patch notes are a little slim. Epic says that Zone Wars Desert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill River have all be consolidated into two different playlists where the maps will be played at random. The new playlists are Zone Wars: Party, for groups larger than one, and Zone Wars: Solo, for people who are playing on their own.

Finally, the Flint-Knock Pistol has been unvaulted this week, but beyond that, there aren't many changes heading to battle royal. You can read more about this week's update over in Epic's full patch notes, but otherwise, check back here at SlashGear for more details on next week's overtime challenges.