Fortnite issues in effect: Maybe quit for a while?

Today we're having a peek at a list of issues with the servers hosting Epic Games' Fortnite. At the point at which this article is set to go live, Epic Games said the they are "currently diving into issues revolving around matchmaking + game services." This is a "Game Services issue" which means Fortnite online matches are not going quite as planned for pretty much everybody, in one way or another.In a nutshell: If you're playing Fortnite right this minute, you might want to stop for a while. Issues with the game's servers have pushed the game's developers to temporarily disable stats. It's likely that matches that go on this early Friday will end up NOT counting toward live player stats through the future.

According to Epic Games, on March 30th at approximately 11AM Central Time, Stats and Leaderboards are marked "operational." At the same time, the company's PR and social media said otherwise. "We are experiencing degraded performance with our backend services," said a Fortnite representative. "We've also temporarily disabled Stats for the time being. We'll update you once we have more information."

"There was a brief degradation in login and players being able to start a match," said an Epic Games representative. "This has since self-resolved and we are currently monitoring. "

Epic Games Status readout suggested that Website and Forums, Parties, Friends, and Messaging, Voice Chat, and Stats and Leaderboards for Fortnite are all "Operational." The same readout suggested that Game Services, Login, and Matchmaking were experiencing "Degraded Performance." I wouldn't expect this to end any time soon, honestly – not with this being a holiday weekend.

Cross your fingers Epic Games is able to mitigate this disaster sooner rather than later. Especially if you've got to be at Uncle Frank's cabin in the woods for the next few days. That guy just does NOT understand the importance of a strong internet connection.