Fortnite Grab-itron and location abductions update with cosmetics leak

Today after a brief server down time Fortnite nabbed an update to version 17.30. This newest update to Fortnite brings about The Abduction of Slurpy Swamp, just before the Ariana Grande Rift Tour event. If you head over to Slurpy Swamp and find it slightly more difficult to stay stuck to the ground, don't worry! You're not alone in this abduction situation.

The Mothership is using its tractor beam to lift bits of the Earth, buildings, vehicles, and other elements upward. Abductions like this will occur throughout the week, with locations like Coral Castle and Corny Complex headed towards the ship in the very near future.

Abduction zones will have low gravity, so you'll find yourself afloat. These locations will have extra IO Chests and Launch Pads spawning in as well. You'll do well to make the best of the inevitable with the new Grab-itron weapon.

Grab-itron can be found on top of Abductors, in everyday average chests, and onboard the Mothership. This weapon is not available in competitive modes, because competitions are not meant to be fun, they're all about business.

The Grab-itron weapon is a versatile piece of hardware. It works like a flying Saucer with its own tractor beam. You'll be able to pick up almost anything in the game, hold said item at a short distance, and toss at tremendous speed. The versatility of the weapon comes not only in its ability to pick up a wide variety of items, but in its size, material, and speed-based damage distribution.

The damage caused by an item tossed with the Grab-itron depends on what an item is made of, how large an item is, and how fast it is launched. Items can be used as shields, and potentially to bash, too – it's wild!

Above you'll also see some new items that appear in the game files for version 17.30. Some of these items might not be available to you right out the gate – they've only just been added to the innards!