Former Top Gear hosts new Amazon show tipped to be called Gear Knobs

If you are a fan of cars, odds are you know the show Top Gear on the BBC in the UK. The show also airs in the US and earlier this year one of the hosts Jeremy Clarkson was fired after a so-called "fracas" with a producer. Fired may be too strong a word, his contract wasn't renewed.

Fans were so irate over the Clarkson issue that some drove a tank to BBC HQ to protest.

Since Clarkson, Hammond, and May are not only co-hosts but very good friends, the Hamster and Captain Slow left BBC along with Clarkson. Rumors swirled about where the trio would land and the network that landed the team was Amazon.

Since learning that Amazon had signed the trio up for a new show, we haven't heard much about when the show might air. Rumors circulating this week claim that the new show might have a title and that title is said to be "Gear Knobs."

It's a bit of a strange name, but considering how the boy love their genital euphemisms the title makes complete sense. I would totally watch Gear Knobs to see what the twig and berries were up to. I'll leave you to decide who of the three is the twig and which are the berries.

SOURCE: Road and Track