Top Gear fans drive tank to BBC in support of Jeremy Clarkson

Adam Westlake - Mar 21, 2015
Top Gear fans drive tank to BBC in support of Jeremy Clarkson

As the most well-known host of one of the BBC’s most popular TV shows, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear has a record of doing and saying things that spawn controversy. Unfortunately for the show’s large number of fans, Clarkson’s latest actions, allegedly punching a producer, has gotten him suspended and the current season possibly cancelled. But in a show of support, and a spectacle that could be right out of Top Gear itself, fans drove a tank to the BBC’s London headquarters to demand their hero be allowed to continue working.

While the BBC is still investigating Clarkson’s actions, Guido Fawkes, a political blog, collected signatures from one million Top Gear fans. They then used a tank to deliver the petition to the BBC, complete with someone dressed as The Stig, the show’s silent, anonymous, tamed racing driver, riding on top.

It seems that not only is it legal to own and operate a tank in Britain, but it’s legal to drive it down the streets of London whenever you like. The armored vehicle had banners on each side that said “Bring Back Clarkson.” Check out some of the footage that was shared on YouTube below:

The BBC hasn’t made any comment in response to the stunt, and it’s not clear if it actually helps Clarkson’s position in any way. All we can hope for is that Clarkson keeps his job and Top Gear remains on the air, because who knows what fans will do with a tank otherwise.


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