Former Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky gets teaching job at Harvard

Shortly after the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Steve Sinofsky left Microsoft after spending six years heading up the company's Windows division. However, he announced today that he's returning to Harvard to teach at the university's business school this spring. Previously, Sinofsky served as a "visiting scholar" there in 1998.

Sinofsky announced his return to Harvard via Twitter where he threw in some key words dealing with new experiences that he'll be facing, and he even hashtagged "sabbatical." In a reply to someone asking what exactly he'll be teaching, Sinofsky said that it'll deal with product development.

He also said he'll be writing journal articles about the topic of product development, and he mentioned that his title will be "Executive in Residence." Overall, it seems he's really excited about what lies ahead, and we can tell that he's glad he got out of Microsoft, where it seems he was clashing with co-workers and management.

It's not clear yet if this is a single-semester deal or if Sinofsky plans to stick around Harvard for the long haul, but his extensive experience at Microsoft developing Windows 8 among other Windows products should make for an interesting class, to say the least. Harvard Business students sure are lucky.