Forgotify makes it easy to give never-played Spotify songs a little love

In December, Spotify launched an #undiscovered hashtag campaign to draw attention to the songs in its library that have never been played. With it came a massive discombobulated playlist with lonely audio bits ranging from book readings to comedy snippets, making it a bit overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Forgotify aims to improve that, making it easy to give these undiscovered songs some love.

Details about Spotify's island of lost songs were published last month when the music streaming service offered a year-in-review look at what it had achieved over 2013. As part of it, Spotify asked that users "help us get every song played," and offered up a nifty graph showing the contrast between songs played and undiscovered in its library

At the time, at least, 20-percent of its songs had never been played, which amounted to millions of ignored tracks. These "songs" run the gamut, with some being the work of indie artists, others being comedy snippets from live performances and long-forgotten CDs, narrations of books, New Age music pieces, and more.

Forgotify dishes up these songs one at a time, no fussing about necessary. Just click "Start Listening" to have a song served up alongside a "Next" button and a "Share" button. Like what you find? You can send it to your social circle. Discover a track that deserves to never be played again? Hit next and hope for the best.

SOURCE: Tech Crunch