Spotify #undiscovered campaign gives never-played songs a little love

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 11, 2013, 9:30pm CST
Spotify #undiscovered campaign gives never-played songs a little love

While most songs on Spotify enjoy a degree of success, some more than others, there’s a solid percentage that finds the online service a quiet, lonely place. About 20-percent of the tracks offered through the music streaming service have never been played a single time, and Spotify wants to change this with a new #undiscovered campaign. The idea is simple: filter the songs for those never played and show one a little love.

While 20-percent is less than a quarter of Spotify’s overall library, when one considers the size of the service’s catalog, that represents a fair number of tracks. Finding one of these tracks is simple — Spotify has collected them all into a massive and convenient playlist, where you’ll find hours of strange and sometimes funny tracks.

Less you shed a tear for the unfortunate artists who have failed to see even a single play of success, be sure to take a look at the playlist; it is largely composed of comedy pieces, chapters from books, snippets from audio autobiographies, readings of classical books that completely saturate the market, and even some narrations of the bible. Point being, don’t expect to find a trove of hideously wonderful music.

Still, there are some legitimate songs scattered throughout the island of lost audio tracks, such as the “Rangammo” song that holds position #2 on the playlist. Looking for some other goodies? There’s “Pain in the Butt: Crohn’s Is Back” if you’re into medical humor, “Dentists, Never Be Afraid of Dentists Anti Phobia Results”, and maybe toss an “Angle Grinder Version 4” into the mix if you get your kicks from sound effects libraries.

VIA: BuzzFeed
SOURCE: Spotify

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