Forget Apple Watch! This Netflix Watch is to die for

Smartwatches have arrived in all shapes and sizes and have promised to help us accomplish a lot of things without having to fish out our smartphones from our bags or pockets, which could cost you at least 5 seconds of your life every time. With the arrival of the Apple Watch, that market is about to heat up even more. But for all the power and convenience these wearables have to offer, they fail at one critical use case: they won't let us watch Netflix comfortably. Luckily for us, Netflix is here with a smartwatch of its own.

Meet the Netflix Watch, specifically designed to let you experience freedom of content consumption any time, anywhere. And since it's always with you and always on you, you won't be wasting time waiting for the perfect opportunity to watch your favorite TV show on your Netflix library. Whether you're waiting in line, comforting someone, or even taking a leak, the Netflix Watch has your watching binge covered.

With a spacious full-sized screen, you won't even have to worry about squinting to see and appreciate all the minute details of your favorite show. The Neptune Pine definitely has nothing on this. And for those who want even higher quality, the Netflix Watch Plus will also soon be available to deliver a whopping 4K resolution. And with double arm straps, you can have peace of mind that no one will be able to take your Netflix Watch Plus away from you while you're busy watching.

OK, maybe Netflix's April Fools came a week too late, but it's probably a no-brainer that this "product announcement" was done in light of the Apple Watch launch. Or maybe Netflix is sour graping that people won't be able to watch Netflix on their Apple Watch. The spoof does serve as a sort of a reminder to mellow down on the smartwatch hype. Just because you have a mini computer on your wrist, doesn't mean you should start running Windows on it.