Ford Tests Autonomous Vehicles In The Snow

Ford is constantly testing out its autonomous cars in different driving scenarios to ensure that the vehicles are capable of operating in any conditions. One of the most difficult conditions for humans to drive in is snow and that makes it one of the most difficult conditions for autonomous vehicles to operate in. Therefore, snowy conditions are one of the most important driving scenarios for autonomous vehicles to master.

Ford is currently testing its autonomous cars in the snow conditions in its cityscape test facility. Ford's goal is to make the autonomous car as capable of driving in the snow as an expert driver. Ford hasn't said exactly what it has to tweak to make autonomous cars safer and more capable in the snow.

Each time I see an autonomous vehicle in testing, I wonder how the automakers will sort the odd sensors that stick out of the top and other locations on the vehicles when they go into production. Buyers won't want lots of stuff sticking off the roof of the car.

This winter weather testing is being conducted at the University of Michigan MCity test center. The center is designed to look like a real working city with varied driving surfaces. Ford will also have autonomous cars cruising the streets of California this year for testing in the real world.