Ford GT dual-clutch gearbox costs as much as an EcoBoost Mustang

The cost of major replacement parts for high-performance cars can be staggering. Such is the case with the Ford GT, and if an owner was to destroy a gearbox outside of warranty, they better have deep pockets to replace the transmission. Reports indicate that the gearbox for the Ford GT costs $27,624 plus a $5,000 core charge. That brings the total price to $32,324 for the GT transmission part number HG7Z-7000-A.

The most interesting part about that gearbox isn't that you can buy a well-optioned EcoBoost Mustang for the same money, but that it is massively more expensive than the almost identical gearboxes made by Getrag that are used in other exotic cars. This particular 7DCL750 dual clutch gearbox made by Getrag is a transaxle type used in high-torque applications.

Ferrari uses it in the 458 and California, and Mercedes uses it in the AMG GT and AMG SLS cars. The difference between them is mostly in the drive ratios. However, the Ford GT and AMG GT use identical transaxles. However, the AMG GT version of the transmission sells for $14,940 retail but can be found discounted to $13,446 online, making it much cheaper than the Ford part.

Mercedes also sells a rebuilt version of that transmission for $11,715 after the $2,130 core charge is added in. It's not clear why the Ford gearbox is twice the cost of the Mercedes part. The Ford part is also more expensive than the Ferrari part by about $5,000.

The presumption is that the extra costs comes because Ford isn't building the Ford GT in the same quantities as the other cars. The AMG GT is the highest production number of all the vehicles using the transaxle with 4,000 of them sold in 2017 alone; Ford will only crank out 1,500 Ford GTs if they don't add another production run. Buyers who win the right to buy a Ford GT can now get the Carbon version that sheds 40 pounds of weight.