Ford F-150 EcoBoost trucks save 45M gallons of fuel combined

Ford has been pushing its new line of turbocharged engines in the EcoBoost family hard over the last few years. You can find EcoBoost engines in just about every vehicle line that Ford produces today. The promise of these twin turbo engines is that they will provide the same level of performance as larger naturally aspirated engines with better fuel efficiency.

One of the most popular vehicles that Ford makes is the F-150 truck. Ford has been fitting that truck with a V6 EcoBoost engine for a while now. Ford has announced that it has sold 400,000 EcoBoost trucks in the US since the EcoBoost engine launched in the F-150 in February of 2011.

Ford also claims that EcoBoost engines in it F-150 trucks have allowed Ford drivers to save an estimated 45 million gallons of fuel each year. Ford has come under fire for its EcoBoost engines in the F-150 truck. The US government began an investigation into Ford in May of 2013 over allegations that the EcoBoost engines were losing power in some instances, specifically when people try to pass.

Ford notes that in the US northwest, buyers of its trucks opt for the EcoBoost engine 45% of the time. The national average for EcoBoost engine purchases in the F-150 is 38%. Ford says that the fuel saved by F-150 drivers using EcoBoost engines exceeds the savings in fuel estimated for both Toyota and Tesla plug-in electrified vehicles.