Ford cars will alert owners via smartphone messages if they are being stolen

For many people, one of the biggest investments they ever make is the purchase of a new vehicle. Understandably, owners want to protect their vehicles, particularly to prevent them from being stolen. Despite the pandemic keeping more people home across Europe, Ford says vehicle crime remains a significant problem and is even on the increase in some countries. Traditional car alarms can deter thieves, but most people tend to ignore them altogether.

Ford has introduced a new smartphone-connected security system called SecuriAlert, available to vehicle owners for the first time. The system was previously known as Guard Mode. When activated, SecuriAlert will notify the vehicle owner's smartphone if it identifies any vehicle activity, such as attempts to open the doors or gain access with a key.

Ford says the service provides peace of mind to customers when cars are out of sight or parked where a traditional alarm can't be heard. Owners can activate SecuriAlert when they walk away from the vehicle using an arm or disarm switch on the FordPass smartphone app. When activated, the system uses existing sensors to identify if an attempt is made to access the vehicle. Using the integrated onboard modem, the car can immediately send a push notification to the owner's smartphone when activity involving their vehicle is detected.

The app will reveal the time and reason for any SecuriAlert alarms via the smartphone and give the last known location for the vehicle. For example, if an attempt is made to unlock a door using a key, which wouldn't typically trigger a vehicle alarm system, SecuriAlert will send an alert. That feature is useful in identifying attempts to access a car using a cloned or stolen key.

When the vehicle owner needs to use their vehicle, they can disarm SecuriAlert via the FordPass app. Ford says the SecuriAlert system was introduced to commercial vehicles earlier this year and is part of a suite of connected features now available to Ford customers.