Ford 2012 Escape Promoted With Augmented Reality Experience

When you want to see what a product looks like in the space you live in, on your doorstep, in your yard, or in this case, on the baseball field, you use augmented reality – and that's just what Ford has done in collaboration with the folks at GoldRun to promote their new 2012 Ford Escape. What they did was promote the vehicle with what they so plainly called "the Campain," one in which users were invited to participate in either an L.A. Adventure or a Nationwide hunt. Users on the L.A. Adventure took part in a 3-day scavenger hunt through downtown Los Angeles during Blog World Expo 2011, capturing unique AR objects as they went, secret messages and content included, prizes in the wings!

The L.A. adventure had people winning prizes each of the three days with a final contest coming up after, the entire process working with the iOS-based GoldRun app. This app uses your iPhone or iPad 2's camera to allow you to see the world and in this case superimpose images on top of everyday objects. If you made the right combination happen, you'd advance in the game! Have a peek at the images above and below to see how much fun searching for a brand new car can be when you're doing it in a virtual reality landscape.

The Nationwide promotion worked in a very similar manner to the L.A. section of the game, with one challenge at a time per two-day period. Prizes were awarded, and a grand prize was again teased. The grand prize winner of course will win the still ultra-fabulous 2011 version of the Ford Escape. Everyone else will just have to head to the auto lot to pick up next years version. And NOTE: this final contest is not yet over, it runs until the 18th of November! Download yourself GoldRun app from the iOS App Store to participate!