Force touch table lands in San Francisco and New York Apple Stores

One of the biggest features of the new iPhone 6S and its larger brother the 6S Plus is the 3D touch feature that recognizes more than simple touches and gestures. With 3D touch, screen presses with a firmer touch are recognized and provide haptic feedback with a little buzz allowing an additional level of control via the touchscreen. 3D touch is a spin off from Force Touch that started with the Apple Watch.

The Apple Stores in San Francisco and New York have the only two tables in the world and have been dubbed force touch tables. These are larger tables that are being used to showcase the iPhone 6S smartphone and its touch features. The smartphones are attached to the tabletop and show fish swimming on their screens.

When users of the phones touch the fish on the screen of the iPhones, they swim away and water ripples flow outwards on the force touch table from the iPhone the user touches. The ripples in the water start from where the user touches the iPhone screen and then spill out onto the table.

There are no specifications offered to give us insight into how exactly the force touch table works. Only two are said to be in existence and it is a cool way to show off the force touch feature of the iPhone 6S models. Check out the video to see the table in action. If you want to know more about the new iPhone, read our iPhone 6S and 6S Plus review.