For the lazy lover-The Cardiac Rest Pillow

Occasionally you come across those items that make you think the creator has way too much time on their hands. Laurence Dawes is one of those people; she created the "Heartbeat Pillows for Lovers". It's for your wellbeing and relaxation apparently.

There is just something slightly creepy about your pillow having a heartbeat. Oh, but that's ok it's your lovers heartbeat, that makes it so much less creepy. I am the first to admit listening to your lover's heartbeat is one of the most intimate things there is, but to hear it through a pillow just seems wrong.

Here's a thought, unless it's somehow broadcasting it from afar, (which I'm not even sure it's capable of) why don't you just roll over and listen to it yourself? Thankfully this pillow is still a concept design currently being voted on at the 2007 Concept Products Awards exhibition.

Cardiac Rest Pillow [via GadgetCandy]