Foo Fighters Sonic Highways trailer taps Obama, Pharrell, Willie

A "love letter to the history of American music" – that's what the Foo Fighters are hoping to attain with their next record. What the trailer you're about to see depicts is what'll be appearing in their HBO television series "Sonic Highways", a journey across America to the recording studios that've changed the world.

This "is a musical map of America." That's what this record will be about. Or the show, at least. We must assume the Foo Fighters won't be releasing any hip-hop songs on their next record. Punk Rock, yes, Metal, sure – probably not rap.

In the Dave Grohl-hosted show, we'll see what's essentially a follow-up to the 2013 documentary Sound City. Each song on the new album was recorded in a different city, with "local legends" of music appearing on each track as well.

The first episode of Foo Fighters Sonic Highways will be appearing on October 17th at 11PM – and oh my god none has produced the time zone yet. Stick around and we'll find it.

The Foo Fighters album Sonic Highways will appear on November 10th. The show, we can safely assume, will lead up to the album's release. Followed by a tour – that's not confirmed, but you can probably bank on it.