Focal's high-end Aria K2 speakers are adding two new models

Focal is expanding its Aria K2 family of speakers, filling in some gaps in the living room so as to make the system just as much at home for surround sound theater use as it is for music. Building on the Aria K2 936 floor-standing speaker launched in 2020, the French hi-fi company's new additions tap the same unusual materials that helped set the 936 apart.

Key is the Focal K2 cone, which the audio equipment company manufactures itself in France. It uses aramid fiber, sandwiching a lightweight foam layer, and then a layer of fiberglass. The company says the upshot is "clear and precise sound void of any coloration."

The K2 cones are paired with TNF tweeters that use aluminum and magnesium, and with Poron suspension. Focal says that's for smoother sound overall.

There are two new models being added today. The Focal Aria K2 906 is a smaller version of the 936, suitable for use as rear surround channels. Alternatively, they can be used as the main stereo pair in a more traditional audio system.

The Aria K2 Center, meanwhile, is being positioned as a center channel speaker for horizontal placement in a home theater setup. Focal also has a matching Sub 1000 F subwoofer for adding to the low-end.

Like the original Aria K2 936, there's a special cabinet design which Focal says is particularly rigid, to cut out vibrations. It's finished in an Ash Grey colorway, paired with a leather-effect front panel. The cones themselves are bright yellow, and the top of the speakers is finished in glass.

As you might have expected, if you're familiar with Focal – a company which includes in its range, for example, a set of $3,000 headphones – none of this comes particularly cheap. The Aria K2 936, launched in November 2020, retail at $5,990 for a pair of the floor-standing speakers. A pair of the new Aria K2 906 speakers is $1,990, and the Aria K2 Center will be $1,190. Both new models will go on sale later this month.