Flutter in Pinhole pop-up camera concept has instant appeal [Video]

The great thing about the rise of digital cameras is that we're no longer limited by film and processing in our attempts to preserve memories; however, it's also possible that we end up devaluing photos in the process. Korean designers Yoo Geun-hyuk & Yoon Bo-jung have come up with Flutter in Pinhole, a disposable, collapsable instant pinhole camera which produces a pair of snaps intended for sharing.Video demo after the cut

The way the designers envisage it, buyers would order a bundle of Flutter in Pinhole cameras that would arrive with a pre-printed message inside. Each is sent flat: you pop the camera open, rip off the tape across the front, and expose both Polaroid frames simultaneously with the same image. A white pencil is included, which is rubbed over the back of the camera to develop the two shots.

After being cut down the middle, the cardboard unfolds to reveal one frame with the printed message and another with a blank space which you can use the pencil to write or draw on – then you leave the printed side with the subject of the photo, and take the other with you as a keepsake. Alternatively, it could be sent on as a postcard. No word on whether we'll ever be able to buy them, however.

[via CNET]