FlipIt! USB charger makes an AC sandwich

Chris Davies - Jan 21, 2011, 10:29am CST
FlipIt! USB charger makes an AC sandwich

With more gadgets wanting to get their juice via USB, and the contents of our hardware bags quickly outnumbering the AC sockets on offer, manufacturers are getting clever to ways they can extend what power ports are accessible at any one time. FlipIt! may have a silly exclamation point in its name, but it also has a reasonably compact way of doubling up a standard US AC socket, sandwiching its connection in-between the wall and a regular plug.

As the graphic above suggests, the connections are hidden in the blue rotating arm; the body of the adapter can rotate 270-degrees. The output is a single USB port giving 5V/750mA, which should be plenty for a smartphone.

It’ll also work with international voltages, though since the two-prong plug isn’t a standard outside of North America you’d need an adapter; still, it could be a handy way to double the use from a single travel adapter. The FlipIt! USB charger is available now, priced at $15.99.

[via Ubergizmo]

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