Flipboard gets Google+ integration with new APIs

Google has announced a deal with Flipboard to open up Google+ content to the social news app for iOS and Android, with a special API that can both write and read content on the social network. The news was confirmed by Google+ lead Bradley Horowitz at the LeWeb conference in London today.

Flipboard launched initially on the iPhone and iPad, though recently hit Android with an exclusive on the Galaxy S III and the promise of a more widespread version for all Android device users. As well as pulling in content from RSS feeds, as with traditional news reader apps, Flipboard also allows users to log into their Facebook and Twitter accounts and see popularly shared stories as well as those flagged up by those they're friends with and/or follow.

It's that type of functionality which will tie Google+ into Flipboard with the new API. Exact details for the integration are unclear, but Google+ posts including text and multimedia will all be accessible from within the app.

Horowitz declined to comment on how many active Google+ users there are currently. It's unclear when the new version of Flipboard will be released.

Update: Originally it was reported that Horowitz had indicated Google+ would never include advertising. That was apparently a misquote from the conference.

[via Robert Scoble]