Flic Hub lets you control your IoT buttons without a smartphone

Eric Abent - Jun 21, 2017, 1:59 pm CDT
Flic Hub lets you control your IoT buttons without a smartphone

Flic buttons were already kind of an IoT lover’s dream, but now the company behind them wants to try making them better. When Flic buttons first launched two years ago, they needed to be paired with a smartphone app. Obviously, needing to own a smartphone isn’t much of a barrier to entry these days, but the new Flic Hub wants to free you from the app requirement all the same.

Flic has once again taken to Indiegogo to fund this new Flic Hub, just like it did back in 2014 when it needed funding for its buttons. Returning to Indiegogo seems to have been a smart decision, because even though Flic was only asking for $50,000 in funding for Flic Hub, the campaign has already surpassed $183,000. With a month left to go on the campaign, Flic Hub is going to unquestionably be a big crowdfunding success.

There are a number of benefits to using a Flic Hub over Flic’s smartphone app. The Flic Hub has an operating range of about 100 feet, significantly more than the connection between your phone and your buttons. The hub’s IR blaster add on means that you’ll be able to control WiFi, Bluetooth, and IR devices with your buttons, and you should even see a large boost in battery life for your buttons as well – Flic says each button will last up to three years when used with the Hub, as opposed to 18 months when they’re used with a smartphone.

Perhaps the most appealing reason to get a Flic Hub is that it opens up control of your IoT devices to others in your household. One Flic Hub is enough to control up to 64 buttons as well, significantly more than the 8 that can be controlled through the Flic app. You’ll still need to use your smartphone to set up your buttons for the first time, but once you’ve designated actions for your them, you can go smartphone-free.

If you’ve already got Flic buttons you can use, you can pick up the Flic Hub on its own for $69 through this Indiegogo campaign. If you’re new to the entire Flic ecosystem, you can purchase the Hub with three buttons for $109. Flic says that Hubs will begin shipping out in October, so we’re only a few months out from launch. Hit the source link below to be taken to the campaign and read more about the Flic Hub.

SOURCE: indiegogo

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