Fleksy keyboard for Android kicks fee for a week

This week the folks behind Fleksy keyboard for Android have decided to push their abilities to as many Android users as possible. For the next week, the two dollar fee for the full version of the app has been waived. Of course there is an in-app store for additional themes for keyboards, but all the good stuff is available right out the box, so to speak. If you've never tried an alternate keyboard on your Android device OR if you've used everything by Fleksy, by all means, have at it now.

Fleksy is really pushing their unique blend of big-space lettering, extremely skillful UI design, and unique controls with this release. You'll be able to select from a number of themes, colors, and extensions, and you'll be able to roll with autocorrect functionality that grows with the number of services you attach to it.

It has everything the standard Google keyboard has with a whole lot more added on to it.

It's no more difficult to use than the standard Google keyboard, and brings benefits galore – both in typing more accurately and in aesthetics.

The Fleksy keyboard is available in full form through its "trial" version right this minute. Once you've opened the Fleksy app and have gone through the installation process, you'll find a button front and center allowing you to update to the full version. Easy as pie.