Flat Attack charger juices up your devices with AA batteries

More convenient portable batteries seem to be all the rage lately. We've recently seen one thin enough to fit in a wallet, and one small enough to attach to a keychain. Following that latter theme is the Flat Attack, another keychain-bound portable battery for charging small gadgets without carrying a battery brick and charging cable. Unlike the aforementioned keychain-sized portable battery, Flat Attack uses a conventional AA battery instead of an integrated battery, meaning in a pinch you could swap it out with a fresh battery for instant power.

Flat Attack features an integrated micro USB connector on a swivel, allowing it to be re-positioned however is most convenient based on whether the device is being used and where the charging port is located. The use of AA batteries means it won't be able to fully charge your phone, but it will make it simple to swap in a second battery when emergency charging is needed.

There's an integrated keychain loop so the charger can be attached to a key ring. According to the maker, Flat Attack can get an iPhone 5/5s up to 35-percent charge, and is enough to fully charge a smart watch. The device weighs 35 grams, and is 100mm long x 20mm wide.

Flat Attack was designed in Australia, and the maker is hoping to raise $30,000 AUD through crowdfunding to further the project. So far about a third of that has been raised, and an early bird model is set at $23 AUD. The retail price, if everything goes as planned, will eventually be $57.95. Shipping is set for February.

SOURCE: Kickstarter