Flappy Bird re-release includes fewer pixels, more birds

Chris Burns - May 16, 2014
Flappy Bird re-release includes fewer pixels, more birds

The release of Flappy Bird – the re-release, that is – has been detailed today in an interview with the developer Dong Nguyen. This fellow grew famous rapidly earlier this year when the Flappy Bird game was originally released to Android and iOS, doubling his fame once he decided to remove the app from the public. Now he’s bringing it back.

In a move that may well have been genius – though he denies it – Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the app store for iOS and Google’s Android at the height of its fame. Several months later, it would appear that he’s changed his mind.

Speaking with David Kushner from Wired Biz, Nguyen suggests that there are “a lot of changes in this version [of Flappy Bird].” He’s set out to make a version of the game that’s not quite as addicting as its predecessor, saying this week that the new version will have players “more satisfied even [if] they only play it a few rounds a day.”


There will be new characters alongside the original Flappy Bird “Faby,” likely similar to the family of birds delivered in the Angry Birds franchise. They won’t be connected directly, of course – but Nguyen has a game franchise to think about!

Flappy Bird will have a “cooling down system” similar to what we’ve seen in a variety of free games with in-game purchases to cool down. After a few rounds, you’ll have to wait to play.


Though Nguyen hasn’t said so explicitly, it’s likely this version of Flappy Bird will have in-game cash transactions in play. Nguyen also suggests that this version of the game will have asynchronous multiplayer – though he’s still deciding on the number of players that’ll be able to play at once.

The new Flappy Bird “doesn’t use simple pixel art anymore,” said Nguyen, and there will be a wider variety of obstacles and new environments. We’ll see this game released in August – if not sooner.

VIA: @DavidKushner

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