Flappy Bird creator teases new game

Flappy Bird, the simple mobile game that ignited ire and the gnashing of teeth from one side of the Internet to the other, might not be the only game to generate backlash in Dong Nguyen's future. The creator has hinted at a new game, dropping a screenshot on Twitter.

His tweet read simply, "I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while." Unfortunately Nguyen provided no other details, and so now his faithful gamers can be upset with him for a different reason.

Note: Click below to see full-size screenshot.

There's not much to discern from the screenshot, but what is visible resembles the same basic gameplay as Flappy Bird: jumping between two vertically-oriented objects, walls in this case. The little guy might also hint at the game.

It appears he fades over the course of the jump, perhaps making it some sort of shadow-element where the character fades as he runs. Of course, it could also simply be used to represent movement in the image. No word yet on when it'll arrive.

SOURCE: Twitter