Flame on with the Cyclone-Cust

Abby McVay - Feb 13, 2007
Flame on with the Cyclone-Cust

Do you have so much money it is actually quite literally coming out your ears? If so, you definitely want this new spin on gas fireplaces. The Cyclone-Cust, although not all that great as a primary heat source, it is a great focal point in any home.

It comes as either a system or a customizable piece. However, for those of us who don’t, I’m afraid we will have to find other ways to spice up our living spaces. For example, filling similar glass domes with some fun lights instead.
The Cyclone-Cust is priced at $3799, a crazy amount just so that we can see fire coming up through a glass dome as opposed to its natural state in the fireplace.

The Cyclone is Vertical Fireplace [via Geekologie]

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