Fix your Facebook email instantly

Today Facebook has changed a bit of your profile – the part where you've got your email listed right out in the open to the public – so that it connects not to the email you entered, but to the Facebook email you never knew you had. If your specific Facebook URL is "therealchrisburns", then your email is now "" – convenient for some, a bit of a hassle for most. Let's have a quick peek at how we can fix this up in a jiffy.

All you've got to do is head to your own profile page, hit the button that says, "Update Info," scroll down to Contact Info, and hit "Edit." From here you'll see that you've got the new Facebook email alongside the email you already had in place. Take that Facebook email out or decide for yourself if you'd like to make the change.

Facebook is already taking quite a bit of flack over this situation as Facebook users, on the whole, don't like to have their profile changed. A public network such as Facebook will certainly continue to change as they move towards a more profitable model each and every day, and Facebook's users will continue to rebel while they stay inside the fold. It's a strange social networking world we live in today, folks, that's for sure.