Five tech items you should stow away in your glove box

Nate Swanner - Aug 6, 2014, 1:14 pm CST
Five tech items you should stow away in your glove box

Having a few pieces of tech on-hand can make your drive a bit easier. We’re not talking about the tech baked into your car’s software, but the things you can tote around with you. From listening to music to not running out of power, these five items can make your day a bit easier on you.


You’ve likely seen your share of battery packs, and this one is just that. The difference here is that ChargeAll can charge — well, all. A 10,000mAh battery pack has an actual socket in addition to a USB slot, letting you power up anything you like. Tote your phone and computer, all without worrying about finding a wall to steal juice from.

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One thing that really annoys smartphone users is being out of touch. All this tech in the palm of our hands, and we can’t get a signal! Karma helps with that, though, giving you a connection anywhere you go. You pay for the data you need, as you go, so there is no clumsy monthly service fee to manage — a pain when you’re not using it. Toss this in the glove box and never worry about being out of touch again.


Car Mount

In the cup holder, under your leg, in a pocket — your phone is everywhere in your car! Why not give it a home? A car mount is a great way to give yours a solid place to sit while you do stuff like, I dunno, drive? We really liked the Logitech Case+ for iPhone, but any you like will do. If you don’t want one that makes a home on your dash or windshield, just snap it on and off as needed; most have suction or re-usable tacky pads that keep them from wearing out.



You’ve got a car mount, but what about playing music? Did you put your mount where the audio cable won’t reach? Try a bluetooth dongle instead. Just plug it into the audio jack, and you can wirelessly transmit music to your stereo. Now Play Music All Access really is all access!

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Your stuff gets dirty, and if you catch a glimpse of it in the right light, it might turn your stomach. We suggest toting a cleaner in your car with you, and Whoosh! might be the answer. The travel size comes in a very sleek bottle, and there is even a microfiber cloth with it.

Whoosh! doesn’t just clean, though. Over time, it creates a thin layer of protection, which safeguards you against dust and fingerprints. The more you use it, the better your device will look! In our testing, we found Whoosh! to keep our device looking fresh, even when we knew it needed a quick touch-up.



If your glove box could use some tech, these are our suggestions for you. Keep your devices clean, charged, and docked — all while playing music!

We’re curious what tech you keep in your car, though. If you’ve got a favorite piece of tech you keep in your car, let us know in the comments section below!

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