Fitbit Versa, Nokia 6.1 now available on Amazon

JC Torres - Apr 16, 2018, 9:40 pm CDT
Fitbit Versa, Nokia 6.1 now available on Amazon

Amazon has fundamentally changed the way we buy things and have them delivered to us, to the point that it has just come under US President Donald Trump’s scrutiny. While most still probably buy their devices from carriers, some prefer to get their unlocked fixed from Amazon. Two such devices has just landed on the retailer’s virtual shelves and while you can probably buy the Fitbit Versa from other brick-and-mortar stores, Amazon will be the only legit place to buy the Nokia 6.1 in the US.

Fitbit positions the Versa as its “for the masses” masses smartwatch, in contrast to its Ionic flagship wearable. Just a look at its design and features, one already gets a Pebble deja vu, never mind the $199.95 starting price tag.

While not utilizing the same electronic paper display as the Pebble, the Fitbit Versa still claims 4 days of battery life, a rare feature from any fully-featured smartwatch. Unlike the Pebble, Fitbit has a Special Edition Versa with NFC capabilities for using Fitbit Pay. Of course, that costs extra to the tune of $229.95.

Also available on Amazon is the unlocked Nokia 6.1 with US warranty. You might be a bit confused with the model number. The Nokia 6 (no .1) was announced in early 2017 as a somewhat lower mid-range model. This 2018 model bumps up the processor from a Snapdragon 430 to a Snapdragon 630 and the RAM from 3 to 4 GB.

In all other aspects, it’s pretty much the same, with the same 5.5-inch Full HD screen and 32 GB of storage. All that for $269.99.

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