FitBit patent applications hint at smartphone control and more

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 19, 2014
FitBit patent applications hint at smartphone control and more

A trio of FitBit patent applications have surfaced for three products (possibly devices) that cover a range of sports-centric and fitness purposes, including mention of heart rate monitoring, smartphone control, and GPS, among other things.

The patent applications are for products called FitBit Surge, FitBit Charge, and FitBit PurePulse — unfortunately, it isn’t clear whether any of these are products or services, and which each of them may be. The PurePulse talks of “transmitting and displaying information relating to fitness,” which seems to indicate it is a wearable device.

The FitBit Surge, meanwhile, makes mention of use with altimeters and GPS, as well as connecting with a smartphone and working as a simple wearable for receiving notification messages and to control the handset’s volume (perhaps when it is being used as a music player).

The FitBit Charge’s description is very similar, hinting at the same functions more or less as the Surge. Because these are only patent applications, there are no images or more specific details, but they could indicate some new fitness products coming in the near future.

SOURCE: Zatz Not Funny

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